Photo by Hattie Loper, Arizona Daily Sun

The Juice Pub is a locally owned cafe with a focus on healthy fresh options.

Juices, smoothies, acai bowls, sandwiches, bagels, and waffles are all made to order by our friendly staff. We proudly serve the wildly popular, locally roasted Single Speed coffee for our espresso and lattes. Enjoy many gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. Take advantage of our free storefront parking and scenic outside seating in historic downtown Flagstaff.

Featured Article
in the Arizona Daily Sun:

A acai bowl is one of many freshly made menu items being served at the Juice Pub and Eatery, which is under new ownership.

Hattie Loper, Arizona Daily Sun

Taking a leap into her restaurant management career, 22-year-old Christa Freeman decided to seize an opportunity available to her back in October.

While working one door over at the Oeno Wine Lounge, Freeman learned the previous owners of the Juice Pub and Eatery placed the business up for sale. Having spent nearly two years working under them, Freeman knew there was the chance to take over a business with an established customer base and avoid starting one from scratch once she graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in hotel and restaurant management.

“When I was just an employee here, I actually wanted to buy in,” Freeman said. “I offered that to them multiple times, but I think they were already on their way out, so they probably didn’t want to make it more complicated. I only really left them because for my major I should start learning new things — I didn’t really know what I was going to be doing.”

Freeman said she was certain of at least one thing upon her graduation from NAU: she wanted to stay in Flagstaff. Born in Austin, Texas, before primarily growing up in Kentucky, Freeman also lived in Phoenix and New Mexico before graduating from high school in Las Vegas.

“I feel like people my age, once they go off to college they want to travel and see everything,” she said. “I sort of had that at a younger age, and now it’s like I found my place I want to call home and not keep moving for a little while.”

Describing Flagstaff as an awesome city with great people, the outdoors influence was perfect for Freeman considering she comes from a family that enjoys mountain biking and rock climbing. In fact, Freeman landed at NAU in part because her sister attended the university, providing an opportunity for her to be familiar with the city before enrolling. While her current major was also a natural fit, with NAU’s Hotel and Restaurant Management program being nationally recognized, it was not her initial plan when relocating from Las Vegas to Flagstaff.

Originally intending to major in dental hygiene, Freeman spent two years in the program before making the switch. Realizing that she had loved working in her restaurant and bar jobs over the years, Freeman jumped to hotel and restaurant management, which set in motion the takeover of the Juice Pub and Eatery this past October.

Convincing her parents, sister and grandparents of her dream, she avoided having to work closely with a bank as the family made it a collaborative effort. From there, it’s been Freeman who has begun to implement her vision on the business over the past four months.

Overseeing some minor renovations to the interior, Freeman’s goal is to offer up the Juice Pub and Eatery as a comfortable place to enjoy a meal in addition to the coffee and juices on the menu.